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2014 AlbumsPhotos from 2014. Contains the following albums: Purim, Ella Black Belt, Ariel Baseball
4 43
Summer Vacation 2013We decided to try Italy on a organized tour.
18 352
International Holocaust Memorial Day Geilenkirchen 2013An unexpected invitation to talk about my family’s history and their experiences during the Shoah. Sharon and I were invited to Geilenkichen by the Geilenkichen "Initiative Erinnern." The following day was a tour to show how neighboring towns remembered their Jewish communities and the Shoa.
20 195
2013 AlbumsPhotos from 2013. Contains the following albums:
Election Day, Pesach, Ariel Baseball, Yom HaAtzmaut, Festival of Paper (Rehovot), Lizard, Rosh HaShana, Succot, Father and Son, Living Statues, German Visitors, Flowers in our Garden, He Ain't Heavy, Hanuka.
14 124
Summer Vacation 2012This time in the Golan.
8 63
2012 AlbumsPhotos from 2012. Contains the following albums:
Ruth Excellence Award, Pesach, Yom HaAtzmaut, Ariel Baseball,
Ariel Art, Live Statues, Aunt Leah, Scout Camp, Ella off to Army,
Ruth Birthday, Ella End of Course, Succot, Lake Hula, Hanuka.
14 212
Summer Vacation 2011Up North this year, but we stayed near the Gilboa.
7 114
2011 AlbumsPhotos from 2011. Contains the following albums:
Ella on Stage, Purim, Scouts Monkey Park, Pesach,
Yom HaAtzmaut, Ariel Baseball, Ella Pelech Graduation, Rosh HaShana.
8 226
US Trip 2010Sharon and Ariel flew to California to celebrate Sharon’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.
10 142
Australia Trip 2010Ella and I went “Down Under” to see relatives and to just have a good time.
18 239
2010 AlbumsPhotos from 2010. Contains the following albums:
Justin & Leanne, Ashkelon Beach, Tzora Forest RH Tevet, Nathan Platt,
Ruth off to Army, Haknasa Torah, Swearing-In Ceremony, Purim,
Pesach, Ariel Baseball, Ella on Stage, Flowers in our Garden,
Yom HaAtzmaut, Scout Camp, Louis (Various), Scouts September,
Succot, Return from Poland.
18 270
Ariel’s Bar MitzvaOn 18 October 2009, we celebrated Ariel’s Bar Mitzva at the same banquet hall that we celebrated Ruth’s and Ella’s Bat Mitzvas.
8 274
2009 AlbumsPhotos from 2009. Contains the following albums:
Election Day, Purim, Um el Faham, Pesach,
Yom HaAtzmaut, Scouts June, Ruth Graduation Party, Scout Camp,
Germany, Baseball, Ariel Laying Tefillin First Time, Scouts September,
Rosh HaShana, Succot, Beer Sheba, Hanuka.
16 317
Europe 2008Sharon and I had a European vacation in Germany and Holland. I stayed longer to do more research on the family tree.
9 194
2008 AlbumsPhotos from 2008. Contains the following albums:
Ruth Hair Donation, Western Wall Courtyard at Night,
Ruth Return from Poland, Ruth High School Graduation, Succot.
5 40
Pesach 2007A family vacation without Sharon, who had to be at work.
4 68
2007 AlbumsPhotos from 2007. Contains the following albums:
Australia Trip, Ariel Baseball, Ella Afikim, Rosh HaShana,
San Diego, Ariel 11th Birthday.
6 115
2006 AlbumsPhotos from 2006. (Nothing here.)
Ella’s Bat MitzvaOn the 6th November, 2005, we celebrated Ella’s Bat Mitzva at the Elysée.
10 177
2005 AlbumsPhotos from 2005. Contains the following albums:
New House, Pesach, Louis New Dog.
2 23
2004 AlbumsPhotos from 2004. Contains the following albums:
FestiSa’ar, Purim, Shushan Purim, Lital Bat Mitzva,
Pesach, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Ella School Trip, Ariel School Trip,
El HaLev Benefit.
9 36
2003 AlbumsPhotos from 2003. Contains the following albums:
FestiSa’ar, Tu B’Shvat, Ruth School Trip, Karate February,
Ariel First Report Card, Ruth Bat Mitzva, Summer Vacation, Ariel 7th Birthday,
Succot, Ella 10th Birthday, Hanuka Vacation.
11 105
2002 AlbumsPhotos from 2002. Contains the following albums:
Scouts February, FestiSa’ar, Ella Karate, Purim,
Pesach, Lag B’Omer, Scouts June, Ariel Finishes Kindergarten,
Ella Orange Belt, Ruth Jazz Dance, US Trip, Ruth 11th Birthday,
Ariel Milestones, Succot, Ariel 6th Birthday, Ruth White Belt, 10th Tevet.
17 103
2001 AlbumsPhotos from 2001. Contains the following albums:
Summer Vacation, Succot, Ella 8th Birthday, Hanuka,
Hanuka Party.
5 37
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Hanuka through the years


A photo from 1992 til 2013 (so far).

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Ella’s Puzzles


Ella likes jigsaw puzzles. In 2011 she started photographing the results.

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